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Delegated Medication Administration

  • Registration is CASH ONLY, paid IN FULL PRIOR to start of class.
  • Required annual 2 hour re-certification for certification #1 classes are $30;
  • Required annual 1 hour re-certification for certifications #2 or #3 classes are $20;
  • Call our 24/7 cell phone at (419) 345-4269 to register TODAY!

Delegated Medication Administration

(Developmental Disabilities)

You MUST be PRE-REGISTERED for these classes.
Delegated Medication Administration Training Classes to Serve Clients with Developmental Disabilities

  • Classes for initial certification are 14 hours long and are typically 8 hours per day (1 hour each day allotted for breaks), 2 days per week.
  • The cost of certification training #1 is $100;
  • Certification training #2 (4 hours) is $35;
  • Certification training #3 (4 hours) is $35
  • Must be 18 years of age or older, have proof of high school diploma or GED and have proof of passing all required background checks to register.

Please print Delegated Medication Administration Application Form. Complete and return PRIOR to the date of the class.

Certification Information

Certification I: Initial Course

Total of fourteen (14) hour class

  • September 5-6, 2017 9am-4:30pm
  • November 20-21, 2017 9am-4:30pm
  • December 11-12, 2017 9am-4:30pm

Certification I: Renewal Course

  • August 3rd- 3pm-5pm
  • September 7th- 3pm-5pm
  • October 5th- 3pm-5pm
  • November 2nd- 3pm-5pm
  • December 14th- 3pm-5pm

Certification II:

Certification II Initial Course: TBA
Certification II Renewal Course: TBA

Certification III:

Certification III Initial Course: TBA
Certification III Renewal Course: TBA

To Check Medication Administration Certification Via Public Access

  • Go to DODD Home Page at http://dodd.ohio.gov/Pages/default.aspx
  • Click on Health and Safety and use the drop down menu to choose the Medication Administration Certification link
  • Enter the name of the person whose certification you wish to validate and click on Go
  • If the information which appears is correct, no further action is required
  • If the information is incorrect or requires updating, contact your RN Trainer
  • Personnel looking for initial or renewal Medication Administration classes should contact their employer, SSA, local COG or use the DODD Home Page “Trainings” link to find classes.


EMPLOYERS: Please do NOT ASSUME because initial certification or renewal training has been completed that it is CURRENT/VALID.  YOU MUST USE THE PUBLIC ACCESS VERIFICATION link to validate certifications are present within the current database and are not expired or invalid.