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CABS (Child and Babysitting Safety)

CABS (Child and Babysitting Safety)

The new CABS (Child and Babysitting Safety) course can help build peace of mind in everyone concerned, by giving teenagers a proven, effective way to care for children. Sending a teenager out in the world can be nerve-wracking — as much as leaving your children in the care of one!  Fee: $50

Course Highlights Include:

  1. Babysitting as a Business – Everything a teenager needs to know to get started
  2. Safety and Injury Prevention – Guidelines to make sure that everyone stays safe
  3. Leadership – Strategies to build confidence when responding to conflict
  4. Play Time – Tips on age-appropriate play and staying involved
  5. Basic Caregiving Skills – Feeding, burping, diapering, and safe sleep practices
  6. First Aid – The knowledge to go with the responsibility

Topics covered in this 6-hour, 9am-3pm course:

  • Make Learning to Save Lives Easy.®
  • Introduction to babysitting
  • Job information sheet
  • Help the parents get to know you
  • What to cover before the parents leave
  • Telephone safety


  • Personal calls and texting
  • Hazards
  • SIDS awareness
  • You’re in charge —but you’re not the parent
  • Negotiations
  • Conflict resolution


  • Setting boundaries
  • Keeping kids entertained and active
  • Tips for infants, toddlers, pre-school, and school-age
  • Staying involved
  • Bringing your own toys
  • Hand washing



  • Feeding infants and children
  • Diapering
  • Infant safe sleep practices
  • Recognizing an emergency
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Caring for burns
  • Choking