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STNA 10 Day Class – 03/17/17

single payment of $395
STNA 10 Day Class - 03/17/17

Course Features

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Course Details

Class runs 10 consecutive days
Our 76-hour STNA  training program is a very basic medical course that prepares the trainee for providing resident/patient care in a myriad of health-care settings such as long term care facilities, hospitals, home health agencies, etc. The program consists of a combination of 60 hours of informative, innovative and interactive classroom lectures, audio/visual teaching aides, guest speakers, and hands-on lab work and return demonstrations as well as 16 hours of clinical experience providing actual resident care in a long term care setting. Our students say that the hands-on clinical experience offered in our program gives them the confidence to not only do a great job on the STNA state exam but also motivates them to want to provide only top-of-the-line quality services for residents needing care.
While some LPN and RN nursing programs do not require their students to be state tested, many LPN programs require their students to have successfully completed a STNA program prior to beginning  nursing classes.  Most RN programs require completion of the STNA classes prior to students being permitted to participate in clinical rotations.


What is included in the STNA Course:

  • Program Instruction
  • Minimum of 59 classroom hours
  • 16 hours of clinical experience
  • Assistance with signing up for the state examination
  • Employment opportunities list provided to graduates upon completion
  • TB Test (see additional information below)
  • Course Study Notes
  • Tote Bag
  • D & S Skills Handbook
  • Clinical Uniform
  • Pen

*TB Test-additional information

In our program, you do not need to go get your own TB test or pay extra to have us do it for you. However, for someone who chooses to do their own test, the Department of Health on Erie Street in Toledo charges $20 for a one step and $40 for a two step TB test.  Should you need a chest x-ray as a result, they will do the first chest x-ray for free at the first time of conversion. They also offer a latent TB test program. The Department of Health can assist people who do not have medical insurance; call for details. Contact Sherri Harr, Communicable Disease Nurse at (419) 213-4130 at the Department of Health for more information.

At Touching Hearts, Changing Lives STNA course there are:

  • NO make-up late/missed day fees* (unless you schedule and do not show up for the scheduled make up time)
  • NO registration fees!
  • NO lab fees!
  • NO book rental fees!

Dress Code for Class:

Comfortable clothing (jeans/t-shirt; sweats; scrubs) and close-toed shoes. No tops revealing cleavage, no clothing with offensive/suggestive statements, no short shorts, no mid-riffs showing, no pajamas, no slippers and no open-toed shoes. Trainees wearing inappropriate clothing or foot attire will be sent home and will have to make up all missed time.

Clinical hours are typically 6am to 3pm or 7am to 4pm and are held on 2-3 of the days you are normally scheduled for class.
**Nurses reserve the right to charge a student a fee to make up for missing clinical hours

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