Frequently Asked Questions

Option 1: Register and pay for your classes online – 24/7 through PayPal.
Option 2: Register in person with a debit card, credit card, money order or cash.
Option 3: Cash only payment plan: $95 down in cash only will reserve your spot in the class.  The remaining $300 payment is made with equal weekly cash payments, due during class. There is a $5 per day late fee for payments not made according to the payment plan agreement.
All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9a-12:30p; all other hours are by appointment. Administrative Office Location: 5151 Monroe Street, Suite 209, Toledo, OH 43615
Classroom Location: 5151 Monroe Street, Suite 101, Toledo, OH 43623

Once you complete a state-certified nurse aide training program in the state of Ohio, you are considered a Nurse Aide. A STNA means that the nurse aide has taken and successfully passed the state examination and is now designated in the State of Ohio as a State Tested Nursing Assistant. Some states, like Michigan, call their state tested Nurse Aides CNA’s (Certified Nurse Aides). The State of Ohio does not license or certify nurse aides and does not recognize “CNA” as a designation for a nurse aide.

While CPR/AED and First Aid are not a part of the STNA training program, Touching Hearts, Changing Lives does offer a variety of ASHI (American Safety and Health Institute) CPR/AED and First Aid classes. Anyone currently signed up for, taking or graduated from a Touching Hearts, Changing Lives STNA program will receive a student discount on our already low training costs.

There are no educational pre-requisites. However, we strongly encourage people without a high school diploma or GED to pursue their education as many employers may require it.

  • If you registered online or did not bring your ID with you in person when you registered, we will need to make a copy of your ID on the first day of class. We will also need to see your social security card/W-2, or tax form to officially verify your social security number.
  • You may want to bring a lunch, snack and/or beverage. Honor system vending is also available in the classroom. A small refrigerator and microwave are available for student use.
  • All parking is free.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes to class. No short shorts, mid-rifts, sandals, flip-flops, clothing with offensive statements on them, etc. Students are required to follow our Dress Code Policy at all times in the classroom and at the clinical setting.
  • A small notebook and a highlighter are recommended, but not required.
  • We ask that you arrive one-half hour early on the first day of class.

We make every attempt to provide certificates on the graduation date. In the event that it is not available then, it may be available the next business day, however the nurse must confirm graduation in writing for certificates to be prepared.

With your certificate, you will receive a copy of your certificate. If we have to replace any copies that we have already supplied to you, they will be at the cost of $5 cash per copy requested. If you want to sign up for your state test at the time you pick up your certificate, bring your state test payment and your completed state test forms with you when you pick up your certificate.

The State of Ohio requires that students make up all time, hour for hour, within 60 days from the first date of any missed time or the student must start a program all over again if they wish to sit for the STNA examination.

Touching Hearts, Changing Lives trainees are ONLY permitted to miss time for reasons accepted in our policies (reviewed on the first day of class.)  If time IS permitted to be missed/made up, documentation for the missed time will be required and the trainee will have to complete a written missed time agreement with the Administrator ONLY AFTER that class has graduated.

Missing ANY of the first 16 hours is NOT permitted.  Trainees missing any of the first 16 hours may be dropped from the class and required to pay over and start over in a different class.