State Testing

We are a state test site for the Ohio STNA Program, GXMO, MA-C, and Lead testing.

STNA Testing

For Results of the State Test

To check your online results, click here and go to Ohio STNA. Choose Online Test Results at the bottom left corner and put in your social security number, the test date (00/00/0000) and your date of birth (00/00/0000) to view your results.

Next Test Dates for Touching Hearts, Changing Lives Graduates

The upcoming test dates are as follows and you MUST register no later than the Wednesday before test date, provided there are still openings for that date.

2020 Test Dates:

July 11

July 18

August 22

August 23

August 30

September 5

September 12

September 20

October 3

October 4

October 10

October 31

November 7

November 14

November 28

December 12

Ohio Nurse Aide Registry

Once you pass your Ohio state test, you should be able to locate your license information at the website below:

Please note the expiration of your STNA designation so that you ensure you complete all the requirements PRIOR to expiration. You also want to make sure your employer reports your hours worked under a licensed nurse or physician to the state on your behalf. Remember: you need to work one 8-hour shift in the 24 month period AND complete 24 hours of continuing education (12 units per year) if you work in a skilled long term care facility or meet the annual training, per policy, of any other organization for which you work (typically 8+ hours per year for a total of 16+ hours) AND YOU must ensure your employer reports your information to the state in order to maintain your state license for the state of Ohio. Please talk to your nurse instructor about any questions you may have about maintaining it once you obtain your Ohio STNA designation.

STNA Class Refresher Course


Need a refresher class before taking the state test? Touching Hearts, Changing Lives graduates may attend our refresher class, free-of-charge, and as frequently as they want while preparing for the state test.

Anyone with a current certificate (not expired- 24 months from the date on the certificate) from any nurse aid training program may sign up for our “mock run test preparation” classes. Get that extra review time in this up to 4-hour offering (up to 2 days/up to 2 hours each day) during which you will review the current skills required for state testing. The $75 fee also includes 4 hours of written test practice time. This fee applies ONLY to people who have not graduated from Touching Hearts, Changing Lives.

Refresher classes are offered on the first and third Thursday of the month from 3:30p-5:30p. (If the evaluator is not available exactly at 3:30p, please wait at least until 4pm as she may be coming from a clinical site.)  Touching Hearts, Changing Lives graduates do not need to preregister; just show up and sign-in.

2020 Schedule of Skills Review (3:30p-5:30p, Suite 101)

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.  

Written Practice Tests (9a-11a, Suite 209)
Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (except on holidays/vacation/bad weather days)

Can I take my Ohio STNA State Test in the same location where the classes are?

Our classroom is an approved State Testing site! Take your state test in our Monroe Street location so you are comfortable and familiar with the equipment and surroundings.

Is the State Test a separate fee?

Yes. The minimum State Test fee is $104. Other fees may apply depending on how, when and where the test is scheduled.

How long do I have to take the State test once I complete the course and receive my certificate?

You have 24 months to take and pass your state test in order to be considered an STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant). Touching Hearts, Changing Lives is an official state test site.

Signing up for the Ohio State Test

Once you have successfully completed your classes and have your certificate in hand, if needed, we would be happy to assist you in signing up for your state test examination.  You have 24 months from the date on your certificate to successfully pass your state test.

You may choose to test at our site, or you may choose any other location in the state that offers state testing.

Touching Hearts, Changing Lives graduates who choose to test at our site and need our assistance to complete testing registration must bring in their completed State test documents (including ADA forms and IEP if requesting accommodations) with a credit card or cash-only payment. Flights are typically scheduled for 8 AM and 12 PM. There are 8 slots available for each flight with up to 10 people being permitted to take or retake the written test in each flight. Test candidates are not allowed to choose their test time; the test time is computer assigned in the order in which test candidates completed state test applications were received.

To sign up online, simply go to and choose an available test location and date.  Graduates of our progam who choose to test at our location may select ONLY from test dates on OUR website.  

To sign yourself up online: you must use your pin (we now give that to our graduates) or call D&S at (877) 851-2355 and ask for your PIN. 

If your employer has an account with D & S: Your employer will need to sign you up directly with D & S. You MAY still test at our location with our graduates, however you will have to provide D & S with a choice of our test dates that we listed for you under the test date tab on this page and let them know that we approve of you taking that test date as long as it is still available at the time you sign up. Your paperwork would need to be faxed in, and they will require a copy of your certificate be submitted with your test forms. You will also need to give a full 2 weeks request, or you will be charged a “late” fee for signing up less than 10 business days prior to the test date.

Always choose 2 test date options, in case your first option is no longer available at the time you register.

Questions? Please text us at